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Our Mission Statement

The objective of the organization is to instill in the youth of West Bridgewater ideals of honesty, loyalty, confidence, self-respect and good sportsmanship so that they may be physically and morally better prepared to contribute constructively to their community.

West Bridgewater Youth Football History...

In 1984, several hard-working local residents formed the West Bridgewater Youth Football Association. Their main goal was to give those young athletes who desired to play tackle football or to be cheerleaders, an opportunity to do so in their own home town. In every year since, the members of this association have been a positive influence in this community and many others.

When the association first started in 1984 there were only two football teams and two cheerleading squads, ages 10 to 13, with a total of about 50 participants. The program has grown every year since, and in 1999, there were three football teams and three cheerleading squads, ages 8 to 13 and a total of over 120 participants. In 1989 West Bridgewater Youth Football joined the OCYFL.

It is the enthusiastic dedication we receive from supporting businesses, adult volunteers, friends of the association, football fans, civic groups and the youth participants of West Bridgewater that makes this effort worthwhile. We Thank You All. We also thank our enthusiastic young athletes, who are required to spend many hours of practice in order to participate on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Most especially we thank the families of all our members for their understanding, encouragement and support throughout every season.

We hope you enjoy this football season as we compete with other Old Colony League towns, on our home turf and away. It is your continued support for the W.B.Y.F.A. that allows our organization to provide our growing young athletes a continuing source of the values of good sportsmanship, hometown pride and strength of spirit through their active participation year after year.


As a West Bridgewater Wildcat, we teach our young athletes to have a passion & love for the sport, while focusing on teamwork, self discipline, leadership, friendship and most importantly good sportsmanship.

The Wildcats are long-standing members of the Old Colony Football League (OCYFL). West Bridgewater Youth Football follows and adheres to the OCYFL By-Laws in its operation and gameplay. 

West Bridgewater Youth Football is a 501c3 Volunteer run organization that operates on funds generated from registration fees, fundraising, game day admission, and sponsorships.

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